Our Dream Garden

Have you ever dreamt of having a dream garden…a beautiful and practical garden or a mini orchard at your house but ended up with a “jungle”, difficult to maintain, messy, unattractive and overgrown with weeds or ended up with a bland typical garden with a lawn, shrubs and some uninteresting trees?

Well, you are not alone. When one is buying or building a dream house, the garden usually comes in a “package” with the dream house…or at least it is with my wife and me.

We have it all figured out on the drawing board. We wanted our dream garden to have pergolas, a koi fish pond, some fruit trees, a vegetable patch, a cactus garden and an orchid garden.

We almost got them all done as planned over a couple of years. However, we were soon too bogged down with typical life chores, work, children and vacations 🙂

Our Dream Garden

Koi fish feeding time!

We neglected the garden until it is almost unmanageable. Rectifying and maintaining an existing garden proofed difficult especially if you’re too busy in the corporate rat race, social functions, being the chauffeur of our children and having only weekends and public holidays to maintain the garden. Instead of having fun, gardening becomes a chore!

Looking forward, our next dream garden would have to be a mixture of aesthetic appeal, with some scientific and technological applications, requires low maintenance, organically sustainable and environmentally friendly. Having a dream garden project is fun and it should be!

So, what is your dream garden? What features and benefits would you like to have in your garden?

We at Geo Elements aspire to design and create your dream garden or to simply improve your existing garden together with you. Improving your garden is our business!

Leave your comments and we may be able to work together to make your dream garden come true!

Our Dream Garden

Koi fish feeding on plants

Our Dream Garden

Starfruit tree flowering

Our Dream Garden

Silver Koi fish feeding on pellets

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